Judicial Free Demo

Judicial Free Custom Video or Radio Demo Commercial - Scott Political earns your business. Since 2001 we have created free custom Judicial political demo video ads as part of our business plan. There is never any obligation to purchase. Our award winning TV and Radio ads have been aired in all 50 States. We will have your demo ready in 48 hours.

Easy and Fast! No need to call unless you have questions. Simply email team@scottpolitical.com the link to your campaign website and any information you believe we need to create your demo ad. We will create a video demo unless you request a radio demo. There is never any obligation to purchase your free demo commercial.

This is a rough demo video example. - This is not the final product. Our “Finishing Team” completes the video after the candidate makes changes.

NOT ABLE TO VIEW YOUR CUSTOM DEMO? - the direct link is Judicial Demo.

Judicial Candidates must also include the name of the treasurer. Example would be, “Paid for by friends of Joe Smith for Congress, Eric Jones, treasurer”. State and Local Candidates in most cases are not required to "stand by their ads." but may opt to do so. Including a voice tag does decrease the content of your commercial, so we advise against using such a voice tag except where mandated by election laws. If you must record your voice tag, please record your candidate’s Voice Tag now.

Not ready to air TV Ads? - Purchase today and your campaign will instantly benefit by posting this video to your website and YouTube. A professional video commercial will increase fundraising, energize the campaign, increase your campaign credibility, gain free press coverage by announcing your new television commercial and much more.

Purchase price - Online/Television Video $599. Radio $299. Unlike most political production companies, when you purchase your commercial from Scott Political, you own the commercial and no additional royalties will ever be due. This is called a “full buyout”. We accept, PayPal, Major Credit Cards, Zelle money transfer and Bank Wire. We guarantee our work and offer a full refund if not satisfied.

Disclaimers - One thirty-second ”Classic Design” video for Online and television or radio demo ad per campaign in 2018. A campaign website is required. The website must include photos and information about the candidate. We may confirm candidacy by contacting local election office or Secretary of State. We reserve the right to refuse this offer to anyone, for any reason. Making false or offensive statements will result in withdrawal of this offer. This offer ends soon and without notice.

”Classic Design” demo offer details: Your commercial is written by our copywriter who was a featured judge for the February 2018 AAPC “Pollie Awards”, the Oscars of the political media industry. The voice will be our male voice. The commercial may include: voice tag of the candidate, images of the candidate, video of the candidate, stock music, stock images, stock videos and stock sound effects from our extensive library. Your demo commercial will be watermarked to protect our work. Your demo commercial may not be distributed publicly, but may be shared within your campaign.

Video formats - When you purchase your video demo we remove watermarks and send to our Finishing Team for final editing. We will email your professional commercial in both mp4 and WebM formats for easy display on your campaign website, YouTube or other social media sites. If we purchase television airtime for your campaign, there is no fee for delivery of the master (.mov) file to media outlets. If your campaign purchases cable or broadcast airtime, we will provide access to the master (mov) file, but any additional delivery fees become the campaign’s responsibility.

Audio formats - When you purchase your radio demo, your professional commercial is emailed in mp3 format with watermarks removed. If we purchase radio airtime for your campaign, there is no fee for delivery to media outlets. If you purchase radio airtime, you simply email the mp3 format of your commercial to the stations.

Prefer a live recording of your candidate? - Our production team will develop a script for the candidate and film at a business, home, office or other setting. Visit the Our Services section to learn more.

Media placement - Scott Political specializes in micro-targeted media placement. Due to the precision of our media placement, in most cases we can double the impact of campaign media budgets. Our television and radio media placement team utilize the most recent research available. We place media buys with Broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, CBS…), Cable stations (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, TNT…) and Radio stations (Local and National). We work with campaign budgets of all sizes. Request a free media plan today with current rates and target information. Our television and radio media placement rates are the standard advertising agency rate.

Our team works seven days a week 6AM - 11PM.
Email team@scottpolitical.com, call or text 202-774-9990 with the link to your campaign website.
It is our policy to contact you within 24 hours.