bob综合app手机客户端下载比年來,我院設計師也屢獲國際外洋大獎,包括“普利茨克構筑獎”,“阿拉丁神燈獎”,“建國六十年精良青年構筑師”,“省勘察設計大家”等,被業界譽為“美院征象”。 以后,設計院延續守正創新,牢記義務。將以“五位一體,融合設計”為頭腦中心,完成規劃、構筑、景觀、室內和群眾藝術多專業的融合和財富延伸。以“時興的理念、美滿的圖紙、至誠的合作”為辦事宗旨,以西方藝術學為學術支持,以推進社會創新為己任,結實地向更為高遠的目的邁進!

The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture, China Academy of Art Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, has been accredited by the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China (PRC) as Class A for construction industry (construction engineering), Class A for landscape architecture design, Class A for interior decoration design, Class B for urban and rural planning, Class B for municipal industry professional, 
and Class C for cultural relics protection engineering survey and design. With such qualifications, the Institute is qualified to undertake the corresponding engineering procurement construction (EPC) of construction projects and related technical and management services within the scope of the qualifications. In addition, the Institute formally passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, GB/T18001 3-in-1 System Certification in 2014, and 3A Certification in 2019.

The Institute has set up an academic perspective and research vibe encompassing all-round nationalization, internationalization and modernization by taking advantage of the China Academy of Art (CAA)'s strong talents and advantageous discipline group, with the strong and rich academic background of CAA as the foundation, the academic goal of the first environmental art department in China as the mission, and "Relying on CAA & Serving the society" as the overall operation policy.

After years of efforts and development, the Institute has established 14 branches, 2 centres and 4 workshops, undertaking nearly 1,200 projects on a yearly basis. It not only owns 122 registered engineers of all kinds and more than 700 employees with intermediate or above titles, including 27 professor-level senior engineers, but also gathers together a strong pool of talents, a number of well-known and influential designers of the industry included, therefore having been exceedingly reputable in the industry.

Since its establishment, the Institute has accumulated considerable experience in technique and creation, with its completed projects well-recognized by the society, under leaders’ support of the competent departments at all levels and its own continuous exploratory efforts. Therefore, the Institute has been awarded honorary titles, "Excellent Cultural Creative Enterprise", "Key Enterprise of Cultural Creative Industry", "Advanced Enterprise of Annual Economic Development", etc. Furthermore, among its numerous completed excellent projects, many of them have won international, ministerial, provincial and municipal awards.

In recent years, our designers have also won many international and domestic awards, including the "Pritzker Prize for Architecture", "Aladdin's Lamp Award", "Outstanding Young Architect of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC", and "Provincial Survey and Design Master". Such winning records has been praised as "CAA phenomenon" in the industry. In the future, the Institute will continue to be honest and innovative, keeping its mission in mind. With the idea of "5-in-1, Integrated design" as the core, it will realize the integration and industrial extension of planning, architecture, landscape, interior and public art. With the service tenet of "Fashionable concept, Perfect design, Sincere cooperation", the Institute will move on solidly towards a higher goal by taking oriental art as the academic support and social innovation as its responsibility.

  • 美院(印世都) 運作
    依托學院、辦事社會 Relying on the college and serving the society
  • 美院(印世都) 頭腦
    五位一體、融合設計 Five in One, integrated design
  • 美院(印世都) 辦事
    時興的理念、美滿的圖紙、至誠的合作 Fashion concept, perfect drawings, sincere cooperation
  • 企業資質


    • 工程設計資質證書
    • 構筑行業(構筑工程)甲
    • 中國展覽館協會展覽工程
    • 職業康健安全料理體系認
    • 質量料理體系認證證書
    • 業務執照
    • 料理體系認證證書
    • 守條約重聲譽公示證
    • 工程項目料理資歷
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